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📍 PNW · he/him

My name is Nádine, but call me Dean! I'm a black, queer artist from the Pacific Northwest. My pronouns are he/him.Use the buttons above to navigate this site, and click the cart when you're ready to order!

By purchasing from me, you agree to be subjected and abide by these terms and conditions. Violation of these terms will result in termination of your service and/or blacklisting.Last Updated: September 21st, 2022

✔ Will Draw

  • Anthros / Human(oids)

  • Ferals / Most Animals

  • Light / Candy Gore

  • Substance Use (ask)

  • Fan Art

  • Not Safe for Work (18+)

✘ Will Not Draw

  • Taboo Content

  • Derogatory Content

  • Underage, etc. NSFW

  • Heavy / Violent Gore

  • Stolen Characters

  • Detailed Scenes (ask)

As the Artist

  • I reserve the right to update these terms of service any time.

  • I reserve the right to refuse or decline services with or without stating a reason.

  • I reserve the right to rise the price of your commission based on the complexity of the character.

  • The artwork will be showcased across my galleries. If the commissioner does not want this, it should be requested when commissioning.

As the Supporter

  • These terms applies to both designs and artwork.

  • You may not claim, trace, edit or sell my artwork as your own. This includes my watermark.

  • You may not use my artwork or designs for commercial use without discussion with the artist.

  • Proper credit must be given and be updated as requested. If uploading to Toyhouse, my username is 'JIBBLYCOWS'.

  • Only the receiver may use the works created for them.


  • Turnarounds can range from a few days to up to 6 months. Commissions may or may not be completed in order of request.

  • Progress sketch images are provided upon request.

  • Charges will be applied if you ask for changes that aren’t the artist’s faults depending on the complexity of the change. This also applies to artistic freedom roles of a commission.

  • If colors are incorrect, you will be charged a fee. It is your responsibility to provide proper content for your commission.

Payment & Refunds

  • Payment is accepted through PayPal & Venmo with Ko-fi & CashApp as secondaries. If you would like to pay with other services, please ask.

  • I require payment upfront. Inability or refusal to pay will result in your commission or service being dropped.

  • Refunds will not be issued until one (1) month has passed without any progress or if I am unable to complete it. Refer to the below section to learn about time frames and refund fees.

✦ Refunds ✦

A percentage of payment is withheld as a cancellation fee.Full Refund (100%) - No Progress (after 2 months)
Fair Refund (90%) - Sketch
Partial Refund (50%) - Lineart
No Refund (0%) - Color or Finish

By purchasing from me, you agree to be subjected to and abide by the terms and conditions. Violation of these terms may result in termination of your service and/or blacklisting. It is in the best interest of the client to read these terms as they will apply whether you've read them or not.

Please make note that complex designs, props or items may increase the cost of your commission.

✦ Icons & Chibis - $30 USD✦

• Additional Characters : +$15 USD e.
• Shading: +$10 USD e.
Note: Chibis will be small and simplified.

✦ Animated ✦

Starting at $65 USD for 2 Frames

• +$20 USD for add. frames.
• +$15 USD e. frame for shading.
• +$30 USD e. for add. characters.

✦ Headshots - $35 USD✦

Additional Characters : +$20 USD e.
Shading: +$15 USD e.

✦ Bust Shots - $40 USD✦

Additional Characters : +$25 USD e.
Shading: +$15 USD e.

✦ Halfbodies - $45 USD✦

Additional Characters : +$25 USD e.
Shading: +$25 USD e.

✦ Fullbodies - $50 USD✦

Additional Characters : +$25 USD e.
Shading: +$25 USD e.

✦ Reference Sheets ✦

Starting at $85 USD for 2 Fullbody Views

3 Fullbody View - $110 USD.
Written Info. - Free.
Add. Headshot - $25 USD e.
Add. Fullbody - $35 USD e.
Shading available for a fee.

✦ Blacklist ✦

These are the list of people who have interacted with me and are not allowed to commission or own designs created by me. Reasons are stated below to the usernames and socials of each user.

• KDWolf#3426 (Discord), KD142000 (FurAffinity), TerryTheLeathe1 (Twitter), AfterTerry (Twitter, 18+)
Reason: Insulting and guilt tripping.
• kyasaurus (Twitter)
Reason: Falsified their age as being 20 to access and interact with NSFW, while being 15 at the time.
• Scraaaptraaap (Twitter)
Reason: Against T.O.S - Asked for an underage character to be drawn in NSFW.
• Motif054 (Twitter), MotifWantDeath (Twitter, Side), StrawberryHorns (New Twitter)
Reason: Falsified their birth certificate and claimed they were 19 to access and commission NSFW content, while being 17 at the time, vague posting.
• SoulTb3 (Twitter)
Reason: Openly transphobic while befriending/deceiving transgender and nonbinary individuals.
• Bojimmies (Twitter)
Reason: Mentioning and making sexual advances.
• barkboys (Twitter), cadavercafe (Twitter), softpumpkinz (Twitter), larimarine (Twitter), plushseas (Twitter, Toyhouse)
Reason: Called out for being racist and running from accounts.
• lilkatzz (Twitter)
Reason: Defended barkboys (above) and told me to take down the beware post.
• sunflowerkenma (Twitter)
Reason: Hate following and vague posting.
• JalenArts (Twitter)
Reason: Guilt tripping, insulting and degrading.